Thursday, October 7, 2010

So here we are....

Just wanted to catch everyone up on the latest baby news....  I am down to seeing the doctor now every week, and have approached the ever looming "full term" mark.  I found all this pretty exciting because it means we're in the final countdown to meeting Miss Suzanna. 

I have so enjoyed seeing my family and friends (Laura with Kynleigh, Sara with Ada, Amy with Charlotte, Stacy with Lleyton, Kelli with Darrah, and Brandy with Zoie) get to know their little ones as they become new mothers and form such beautiful bonds with their babies.  I can only hope I will be as good at it as they have been.  I think every first time mother thinks about how she will be with her first little one, and I have to say that the thought of it makes me weepy! 

On the more technical side of things, my doctors appointments have all gone really well.  My weight gain is in check, my blood pressure is great, I haven't dilated as of last Friday, Oct.1, and Suzanna is head down and ready for delivery.  I have been seeing all the doctors at Shelby Women's Care and all of them seem to be very pleased with my progress and don't see any issues surfacing between now and the time that I have the baby.  

As far as how I'm feeling... up until about a week ago, I felt wonderful.  No aches or pains.  I could just go and go and go.  But as of Saturday (Oct. 2) that all changed.  I had to work a little bit Saturday but after I got home, I started to feel the nesting symptoms coming on strong.  And boy, did I do some cleaning at the house.  John and I rotated the mattress,  and shifted our bed to make room for the bassinet,  I took down the curtains and sent them to the dry cleaners, I vacuumed everything that I could think to vacuum, I cleaned the bathrooms (floor to ceiling... literally), I swept, I organized under all the cabinets, and the list goes on and on.  Man, it felt good to get all that done... but let me tell you, I paid for the next day.  

Clearly, that day changed it all.  I had to work Sunday and felt pretty good going into it.  However, after I was finished and on my way home from Steele Creek in Charlotte, my back was aching, my feet were throbbing, and my calves were hard as rocks.  

Since then, it's been more of the same.  My back seems to feel terrible by about 5:00 every day, even if I haven't been on my feet alot.  I'm definitely visiting the bathroom more often.  But the little one still hasn't "dropped" as they say, she's just gotten a little bigger.  And my biggest pain... trying to roll out of the bed during the night to make it to the bathroom!  

The one thing that I can say that has been a tremendous help has been John.  He has really shown his love and concern for me like none other.  Granted he doesn't jump up to wash the dishes every night, but who the heck does?  He calls me frequently to check on me.  He has rubbed my aching back, even though he would much rather be on the receiving end of it... and usually is.  He's done almost anything and everything I have asked him to from carrying stuff, to stomping off his boots before he comes into the house, to going with me on trips to get the baby stuff that we need, to just making sure that I am comfortable.  That truly means the world to me!

So, with that said, I can honestly say that I thought I would never be one of those women who said, "I'm so ready to have this baby... I'm miserable."  And although I am not miserable, I am getting pretty uncomfortable.  And I do want to have this baby.... but only because I can't wait to meet her.  The anticipation seems unbearable at times, but I know the longer she stays in there the more healthy she is becoming.  So, you are up to speed now and any developments I have after this point I will be sure to share.
Aside:  I have had a few people ask me if the dogs can tell that things are about to be different at the house, and my answer is yes and no.  No, because my faithful Marabelle doesn't have the slightest clue.  She still carries on with her normal routines of needing to be babied and making sure that she and I are in the same room if at all possible... unless she's too tired to follow me around.  

And Yes, because Tex aka Mr. Nosy, has every inclination that something is going on.  He follows me anytime I go back into the nursery to do anything and just watches me.  He throughly sniffs everything, especially if it is new.  I have a basket of Suzanna's toys and anytime a new toy is added to the basket he spends the rest of the night trying to make it his new play toy.  He will go and very sneaky like, bring it into the room where John and I happen to be.  He holds it very delicately in his mouth and looks at us as if to say, "is this toy for me?"  I have to fuss at him and tell him to drop it, which he does, and often retreats back to the basket to try another toy.  

So, my guess is that Marabelle will be just fine with little Suzanna. And Tex will be different all together.  I don't for one minute think he will be aggressive with her.  I think once he see's John holding her, he will understand that he needs to protect her because she is a part of John.  And John means everything to Tex.  As I've said before, John is the pack leader at our house.  hahaha!